If any one wishes to take part in these program by sponsoring Gambella Medical School project,  Health Education project, nutrition project, and other resources is more welcome to join GMTC.

Gambella Medical School

To become a center of excellence in physician training

To meet the increasing needs for physician services in the Gambella region

To address local and regional health disparities and improve outcomes

To train physicians to be healers and not merely technicians

To be a force for peace in the region


  • Design and build a medical school.
  • Design and build a health sciences campus.
  • Provide faculty support.
  • Donate quality medical equipment and teaching tools.
  • Provide health education and medical care in Minnesota or in Africa.
  • Sponsor a medical or other student.
  • Provide financial support.

This is an ambitious program and the participation of dedicated partners is appreciated.

Health Education

GMTC would like to partner with any concern organization to work with and develop community health education

GMTC believes in developing local health education opportunities within the context of the needs and challenges of Africa, accessible by local students.  This is why GMTC is partnering with Gambella University and Campbell University in developing scholarships, medicines, supplies, educational tools and other support for the highly desired Gambella Medical School, set to begin in September, 2019.  Contact us for details.


More than half million school children do not have ready access to nutritious food according to the Department of education. A child cannot concentrate and learn on an empty stomach and good nutrition play a vital part in good education.

Mobile Health screening 

Health screening check results can serve as a wake-up call and can drive client home with the message that might modify a diet and get more physical activity.

Our program basic health screening check includes:

Vital Signs

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Blood Glucose


Pregnancy test

Flu shot