About Us

Gambella Medical Team Connection (GmTc) is a vital 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that attempts to moderate the negative impacts of apathy and lack of available services for the under-served Ethiopian immigrant and refugee population. Our organization’s projects, implemented by a well-trained volunteer, offer many opportunities for the reduction of depravity and poverty through superior health care services.

GmTc strives to serve as many people as possible with the resources we have available – every individual is important to our organization. By offering services that are concentrated on serving those less fortunate and addressing the greatest needs of our target community, we can make a positive contribution in helping the people we work with lead a more fulfilling life.

While we will provide free health consultation and advice for participants’ healthy well-being, we will also provide referral services to those participants to appropriate hospitals or clinics for further evaluations. The services will also include health education for participant to control their weight, establish healthy eating habits, translation services, and assistance with transportation to clinics or hospitals for vital appointments.


Gambella Medical Team Connection (GmTc) is based nonprofit that has served the Gambella Regional State of Ethiopia in 2008, as a temporary churches mission. It provided mobile clinic, books for orphanage, drilled wells, distributed clothes and sports item, and taught orphanage bible school. We hope to return annually to continue education and help to establish a clinic or medical school to eventually provide basic health care. Educating these forgotten people about hygiene is one of the best ways to save them from fatal diseases.

Our Mission

GMTC’s aim is to provide health screening and community health education for Ethiopian and South Sudanese immigrants living in Minnesota, and transform health outcomes in the Gambella region of Ethiopia and South Sudan by developing medical and health education opportunities in Gambella.


                                Our Vision

Serving disadvantaged people in the community to improve quality health services and foundation for a living healthy and fruitful life.

The Founder

Omot Olok Dang: is the founder of GMTC, born and raised in Gambella, Ethiopia. He came to the United States  as a refugee from South Sudan and for the past sixteen years, he has worked as health care provider. He has Bachelor of Science in Environmental and sustainability studies from the University of Utah, and Master of Public Health (MPH) from American Public University. Mr. Dang is working for Mayo clinic at St. Mary’s Hospital Rochester Minnesota.

As public health practitioner, my role is to educate the community about ongoing health problems, access to basic health care, influences early life factors, and recognized important things that happens early in life.